Oh Brother!

“This is the end! How can we ever continue in such squalor as this! How has it come to this, everything great… reduced… reduced to a couch and a dark room!” Tim rose from his seat and spouted verbosely. “What ever are we to do! My good friend, lend me some solace!”


“Tim, shut the fuck up.” Jim struggled with a lighter as he wandered throughout the room fumbling with dozens of candles. He sauntered back over to the couch the rooms center and dropped down onto it with a sigh of comfort. He reached over to the lamp table just over the couch’s arm and grabbed a scratched up book. Some nihilist or anti-establishment book he loved.


“But my dear friend, the end is nye. How can you maintain such composure! What of the children!” Tim circled the coffee table that marked the center of the room just in front of the couch, upon which Jim happily rested his feet. Tim never like being ignored, not when he has something funny to say especially. He pranced to the opposite end of the table from Jim, and grasped under it, and yanked. The table scooted out of place and Jim’s feet hit the ground with a heavy thud. “The CHILDREN  my good man, is your composure nothing but cynicism and apathy?”


“Tim, dude, shut up.” Jim barked as he looked up from his deep thought for a moment. He returned back to his fast paced skimming, he had read the book plenty of times.


“You’re no fun man.”Tim dropped his head and shuffled over to the couch and sat down with a grandiose sigh. He popped his neck in discomfort and rested his neck on the arm of the couch with his arms dropping over. He picked at the carpet loudly.


“Tim, would you stop being so damn annoying?” Jim said impatiently.


“I’m not even doing anything dude.” Tim cried defensively.


“You’re making noise!” Jim shouted.


“You’re making more noise than me!” Tim argued.


“You’re bored, and you’re making the noises you make when you’re bored.” Jim was already done with this conversation.


The two fell silent as Jim returned to his book. Tim continued to pick at the carpet. Only a moment passed before Tim threw up his arms and scoffed. He stood up quickly and made his way across the room.


“What are you doing?” Jim asked with furthered annoyance.


“I’m going to find something to entertain myself jackass.”


Jim returned to his attempt at ignoring Tim. Tim marched across the room as exaggerated as possible and stopped at the closest. He swung the door open with a crash and Jim fidgeted angrily in his seat. Tim shuffled through the movie cases and old children’s toys. He grabbed a green and purple ball with a massive Hasbro logo across its circumference. He shook it wildly and out of it came a horrendous noise that Jim once described as a ‘strangled duckling being hit with a shovel’.


“No no no asshole, not that.”Jim ordered as the slammed his book shut.


Tim sighed and tossed it back into the closest. The ball screamed the whole way as it bounced down the mountains of ‘crap’ that filled the closest. He continued shuffling through the mess and found a dusty deck of cards. He stepped back out of the closet and sauntered back to the couch avoiding Jim’s soul piercing glare. Jim reached for his book and opened it to a completely new page. Tim sat down in the middle of the couch and Jim scooted further away from him, almost sitting on the arm. Tim impatiently and loudly began to shuffle the cards before he energetically dropped his head towards Jim.


“You… wanna play cards?” He asked beggingly.


“No.” Jim retorted swiftly.


“Oh come on, are you even reading that damn thing?”


Jim slammed his book again and sighed, giving up.


“Yes!” Tim exclaimed happily. He dropped off the couch to his knees and crawled over to the other side of the table opposite to JIm. He pushed the table closer to the couch and crossed his legs. He quickly counted the deck out into two halves and handed one to JIm.


“Slapjack?” Jim asked quietly.


“You read my mind dude.” Tim laughed.


The two began a heated game of their favorite card game, wildly stacking the cards in the center of the table, slapping the stack when repeats and Jacks were placed. The game went quickly, as it always did. Before it even ended Jim ran out of cards and Tim still had four.


“You cheating son of a bitch.” Jim barked.


“How is this cheating? We aren’t even trying to run out of cards, you just went out of turn a few times. Besides, I think you won.” Tim chuckled.


Jim brushed the cards of the table and sat back with his arms crossed.

“Oh is the big baby a sore winner?” Tim laughed hysterically.


“Fuck you Tim.” Jim said, hiding a smile.


Tim stood up and jumped over the table landing seated next to his brother. He stared at Jim with a big mocking smile. Jim uncrossed his arms and punched Tim in the shoulder as hard as he could. The older brother rocked back in faked pain, falling on the floor. The two laughed uncontrollably.


“You’re an asshole Tim.” Jim said wiping away to hysterical tears.


“Coming from you, really?” Neither could stop laughing.


All the candles in the room went out as the ceiling fan kicked on. The lights flickered on a moment later.


“Oh cool, powers back on.” Tim rejoiced.


Sounds of gunfire and machismo roared from Tim’s room.


“That’s my calling man.” Tim hopped up and gave a joking salute to his little brother. He jogged over into his room and shut the door behind him.
Jim looked around of a moment and sighed after the laughing subsided. He could hear his brother from the other room shouting with his friends after explaining ‘Sorry guys, power went out for a bit there’. He shook his head quickly and stood to walk to his room. He turned his computer back on and began reading his way through new anti-consumption and modern technological dependency articles.